MMORPG’s vs. Reality?

Today, I’m here to talk about RPG‘s, immersion, and life. Some of you might be wondering how those all fit together. Others might have an idea. Others still might already have it figured out.
Since I’m most familiar with World of Warcraft as an RPG, most of the content and examples here today will be coming from WoW.

The following video is the first cinematic trailer for World of Warcraft.

This next video is the cinematic trailer for the most recent expansion of World of Warcraft; This is Mists of Pandaria.

Usually being able to immerse yourself in a game isn’t considered particularly great, am I right? Of course. There aren’t a lot of parents or teachers (or bosses o-o) who want their children delving into the worlds of RPG’s like WoW – killing monsters, battling people, and completing quests – while they could be studying, or learning about the real world.

Some people really get into the game, and sometimes they’ll begin to lose touch with reality. BUT, that immersion is what helps get the “full experience” of these games. Creativity and linguistic skills, two important things in life, are needed to truly experience it.
Immersion in MMORPG’s actually requires quite a bit of work, what with all the different things you need to pay attention to. The NPC’s, your HP, armor, other people, and your surroundings.
Some of us have always wondered what it would be like to have to work for survival. If we could pick up a sword and shield, bow, or acquire magical powers, and fight. To fight for our own life, and for the lives of our allies. To fight for our home. To protect our cities, and the loved ones who live there. Some of us haven’t had that chance, some of us never could.

A World of Warcraft PVP Arena, where you fight to defend your land as Alliance or Horde.

A World of Warcraft PVP Arena called Arathi Basin, where you fight to defend your land, as either Alliance or Horde.

The point is, we have the chance to learn new things. Languages, for example. Experience new places, or historical eras. Defend your race, or faction. We have the chance to meet new people. Make friends, and fight together. While playing MMORPG’s, you have the chance to do this.

There are thousands, even millions, of new people to meet. One of those is you. One of those is me. The rest, we’ve yet to find out.


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I'm Juli, I'm a 15yo gamer who loves writing, music, and anime. c: If you wanna reach me, your best bet would be Skype (id: d3monhunt3rr).

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