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A Snowy Excursion Home

Two teenagers. One video camera. One walk home.
Now, you can experience that day with us.


Plane Crash In Utopia

Sunday, the 11th of November, 10 AM local time in Snow Lake, Manitoba. Accidents affect everyone in a town this size. It doesn’t change whether the ones involved were close friends, or people you’d barely ever spoken to. It affects us all.

On Sunday morning, there was a plane crash about 10 miles from the Snow Lake airport. The Gogal Air Service flight was taking workers from the nearby Lalor mine down to Winnipeg. The weather conditions weren’t the greatest during take-off, with low clouds and humidity. Of the 8 people aboard the plane, there were serious injuries among the 7 passengers (all of which are in stable conditions, no fatal injuries) and one fatality caused by the crash. Unfortunately, a life was lost. It was that of the man piloting the aircraft, 40-year-old Mark Gogal. When people actually got near the crash site, it took hours to get to the actual site. A local contractor provided a way through the bush by pushing a path using a bulldozer. From there, people from within the town went out to help with trucks, quads, etc. Everyone responded quickly, which was good because without the aid of locals, they might not have gotten there in time. People arrived on the scene of the crash around 11:45 AM. Who knows what would’ve happened without the aid of the locals? We’ll never know, but I don’t imagine the outcome would’ve been in our favor…

The Cessna itself was, for the most part, intact but severely damaged. Much of the damage was due to colliding with trees while crashing through the bush. According to those who were checking the Cessna out to see if there were problems, it seemed like the aircraft was operating properly before the crash. The engine had been running fine, although not a lot more could be determined at this point in time.
The plane is being taken to the TSB lab in Ottawa, where it will be analyzed.
So far, there’s not much information on what caused the crash, other than bad weather.

This accident, and the loss that came with it, has and will really impact the community, I think. It was a tragedy. When things like this happen, the town as a whole is affected. It really doesn’t matter if the people involved in accidents are people you’re close to or people you’ve never spoken to in your life. In a town this closely knit, we all feel the loss. I, for one, didn’t know Mark personally, but I know people who are close to him and his family, and he was a part of the community. I can’t imagine how it must be for his family and those who were like family. :/

Similar Differences

A few weeks ago, we of both F.E. Madill and JHK answered a bunch of questions for an interest survey Mrs. D set up. There were questions like “What’s your favourite video game?” and “If you had one wish, what would it be?”. Then last week, we all went to look at the spreadsheet she made with all of our answers to the questions.

Now we’ve been given the assignment to look at who’s similar to us, and who’s different. As I looked at the answers by the students of the other school, there were a lot more differences between a lot of them and me, than similarities. That was kind of expected though, because I AM kind of a strange child. c; I’m that girl who likes to stay inside and play Minecraft all day while Skyping with her best friend who lives a whole 2 minutes away, and other friends who live as close as Maine or as far as Ireland. Cx

So, I saw a couple of people who were at least kind of similar. Of course, everyone brushes their teeth. Most people brush twice a day, according to the survey. I saw that Brayden likes Two & A Half Men, which I think is an awesome show too. Not the same without Charlie, but it’s still pretty funny. He also wrote that he likes working with us in Snow Lake, just like I enjoy working with the people in Wingham. Another person with a couple of similarities is William. We both like Minecraft, and both of our favourite websites are Facebook and YouTube. I also saw that he’s a Bro. *BROFIST*

If you’ve ever watched PewDiePie play Amnesia, you’ll understand. C:

There were a lot of differences between myself and a lot of people, though. I only found one person, even including Snow Lake, whose favourite video game is Minecraft. I only know one person who loves it as much as I do, though… I also didn’t see many people with the same favourite sports. Not many people play an instrument either, although I did see one or two people who play guitar, and I think I saw a couple who play drums.

We’re not all similar, or different, from each other though. We all have similarities with at least a few people. That’s the beauty of meeting new people, you get to meet a lot of cool people with similar interests as you. That’s one thing I love about playing Minecraft online, actually. I’ve met a lot of my best friends there. :)

Well, that’s a few similarities and differences between myself and some of the Wingham students. ^.^

Back To Blogging?

Ohaider :3
Juli here!
Wednesday of last week we began the school year. We’ve started to talk about working online again, things like blogging, online radio stations, Google Docs, etc.
Tomorrow (Monday) we’ll yet again be Skyping with the class in Wingham, although now the class is just 8th grade. I think it’s going to be fun working with them, as in the past couple of years we’ve worked with them it’s been an awesome time. xD
I’m hoping we read another book over Skype this year, just like the previous years. It’s worked out and been successful all those times. Personally, I think it’s fun reading over Skype and talking to the other students over the chat room and stuff.


Anyway, I’m just updating now because I haven’t had anything to write about before, and when I did there wasn’t much time to get on WordPress… Check back soon though, because we of the Idea Hive will likely start blogging to keep you all entertained within the next couple weeks! Cx

I know this has been a really short update, considering how seldom I get on here and how long it’s been, but that’s going to change very soon. ^.^
Keep checking Idea Hive out if you want to keep updated on what’s happening!


I’m Back!

So, I’m guessing (and kind of hoping, lol) at least somebody noticed that I haven’t been posting anything for like, the past year. The reason, is because I’m not particularly the smartest person and forgot my password. The lucky thing is though, I got back in through my old email, which I was using for this account..! So I’m saved! I posted from the new account I’d made ( that I’d lost access, but I’m not sure how many people would have seen that.

Anyway, I’m back & I plan on posting more often than I used to. Music, video games, writing/books, etc. etc! Check back and/or show your friends, the more the merrier. :)


This year in Mr. Fisher’s class, the Gr. 7/8 are working with the Gr.7/8 students at Turnberry Central (sorry if I spelled that wrong!) again, and it’s a blast. We just finished the book Half Brother by Kenneth Oppel, and it was a great book! Personally, I still loved The Book Thief by Markus Zusak a lot, but Half Brother was a very good read as well. Check them out, they’re both very good books.

Right now, our class in Snow Lake & the kids in Wingham are re-writing a piece “What The Web Is For” by David Weinberger. This will be interesting, as it’s a rather old piece. We’re going to “new” it up. Re-write it so it suits the technology & possibilities there are through the internet. Obviously there has to be SOMETHING throughout 10 years! lol.

So… yeah. That’s what’s up! Come back soon to see anything new!! :D
Jewls out! ;D