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Cataclysmic Snow

Alright, well, maybe not quite cataclysmic. I know that recently, there’s been an incredible amount of snow descending upon states all throughout the USA, and the storms appear to be spreading. Southern Canada has been experiencing severe snow storms, much more than usual. And that’s saying something. These recent blizzards have, at times, propelled vehicles off of streets and highways due to whiteouts. I imagine that, in communities located farther south, driving conditions will become hazardous. They haven’t stopped there, though. The storms are moving northward, and who knows where they’ll stop?

Forecasters have warned that this storm could be the worst Canada has experienced in approximately 4 years. Most recently, the storm has been buffeting cities throughout Ontario. It’s expected to move to Quebec, and possibly even further, to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, bringing tons of snow with it on top of the heaps it’s already provided.

Snowfall warnings have been issued to communities throughout southern Ontario, in hope that there will be as few accidents as possible. There have already been several deaths in Ontario due to the storm. Hopefully the number of lost lives won’t climb.

Not all is grim, though. With the extra snow, there are opportunities to go skiing, snowboarding, and other such winter activities. It will be enjoyable for the children and young adults, as well as grown men and women. Families can enjoy a fun time outside, then warm up indoors with a nice hot chocolate or three. c:


Blogging Being Monitored By Kuwaiti Government… ?

Yes, it’s that time again. My weekly country blog post. Today, as it had been a couple of weeks ago, it is on Kuwait. I suppose I should gt on with it, eh? Anyway, this weeks topics are mainly blogging, cyber – activism, etc…

The name basically explains what I will be speaking, or, technically, typing about the blogs of Kuwaiti citizens being monitored. If you want to know about this, then, please, keep reading. If not, then I don’t believe you’re reading the right blog post, now are you?
Alas, if you are still reading, I assume you will keep reading, so I’ll get started…

News spread, obviously by the local newspaper, that the Kuwaiti government was planning to start to monitor blogs. And the bloggers were not happy about this. One quite popular blogger actually decided to confront the news – announcing that his blog was for sale.
Frankom, who’s been blogging since 2003, wrote a post of which the title was “This blog is for sale“:

صحيح اني لم أعد أتحدث بالسياسة لسبب بسيط وهو وجود مدونات أخرى أفضل بكثير مني ولها جمهورها وقادرة على ايصال الرسالة بطريقة أفضل وأعمق … الخبر المنشور على صفحات جريدة القبس (اضغط هنا) ليس بجديد على الاطلاق ! بل أن المراقبة موجودة منذ سنوات ولكن يحتاج الامر الى مجرد خبرين أو ثلاث حتى يتأقلم الشارع مع مثل هذه الاخبار !! ولكن مالهدف منها ؟ وكيف ستتم المراقبة وعلى أي أساس ؟

 الوضع من سيئ الى أسوأ !!

صباح الخير

And, in English, the following:

While it is true that I have not been blogging about politics because of a simple reason and that is the presence of other blogs which are much better than mine and which have an audience and are able to express their messages in a way better and deeper than I would, news published in (Kuwaiti Arabic daily) Al Qabas (that the government is studying a proposal to monitor blogs) is not new at all! The monitoring of blogs has been going on for many years but needed two or three articles in the newspaper for people on the street to get used to such a development. What is the use of monitoring blogs? And how will they be monitored and why? The situation is getting from bad to worse!!

Good morning.

This short post attracted 36 comments so far – which is quite a large number for Kuwait.

Is this right? I think people should get to blog in peace, and I don’t think that’ll happen if they’re being monitored, simply because people might be afraid that if they make a post that kind of doubles as a complaint at how they’re living, or any such thing, they may get in trouble. I don’t think that’s right.
What do you think? Drop a comment in and tell what you think… Start a conversation, share your ideas, etc! Ideas are mostly what keep us going!

And that is what I think. You? Come on, and start a conversation! :D

The Music Of Mexico

This post is going to be focused upon music and the country of Mexico.  The reason I chose Mexico as my country is because I know people that live there, as I do in Kuwait, as well. I also enjoy the research I’ve done on both countries, though less has been looked up on Mexico than on Kuwait, due to the fact that Mexico is so close, and friends of mine have been there, as well.  Alas, the following is presented as The Music Of Mexico, my blog post…

Mexico is the country which presents the most Spanish music and entertainment.
Mexican pop was limited to Latin America until the mid – 1990’s, when an interest towards this pop music increased after Luis Miguel’s, Selena’s, Thalía’s and Paulina Rubio’s debuts before the mainstream USA audience.

Mexican rock music, often referred to in Mexico as rock nacional (“national rock”), originated in the 1950’s with covers of standards by Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and The Everly Brothers, among others, bands such as Los Rebeldes Del Rock, Los Locos Del Ritmo, Los Crazy Boys, Los Nómadas, and Javier Bátiz soon rose with original compositions, also in English a lot.

The Indian flute, conch shell, and hueheutl (a drum) were the primary instruments used in playing pre – Hispanic Mexican music. When the Spaniards came, they introduced other types of music.
The music that most typifies the Mexican spirit would, most people would say, be the mariachi, which is virtually all kinds of music played during weddings. The instruments used are the harp, violin, trumpets, vihuela, and the guitarra de golpe (a five string guitar – like instrument that was tuned differently).

So, that concludes my blog post on Mexican music. I hope that you enjoyed what you’ve read here. I’ll show you some pictures of different dancing styles from the music of Mexico below…

Kuwait News – Price Rise

I’ll bet you’re wondering what this post will be about… We, here in Snow Lake, are doing a bit of  research on different countries. We were to pick a country and do a blog post on one news story. I, for my country, picked Kuwait because I have two friends who live there. I love learning about Kuwait, and it is fascinating at how much two countries can be so much the same, and so different!

Tomatoes are now eight times more expensive in Kuwait than they had been just a month ago – and people aren’t taking the change in prices too well. They cannot find an explanation to why the cost of a box of tomatoes went from half a dinar ($1.70) to KD4 ($14.00) in just a number of days!

Here is a quote on the predicament:
Ein Bagzee inquired that the problem isn’t what to do about the hike in prices but instead how to deal with it:
ذن المشكلة في ثقافة المستهلك نفسه هو لا يعلم أنه العجلة المهمة التي يعتمد عليها أي تاجر فهو أي التاجر لا يستطيع أبعاد المشتري لو مهما كان” الثمن فسوف يبيع لك بضاعته في النهاية هناك درجات في الخسارة التجارية لا احد يرغب أن تصل خسارته ألي درجة تحت الصفر فالجميع يرغب أن يبيع إذا اليوم خسرت دينار واحد فأنا كسبت عميل جيد سوف يشتري مني بسعر دينارين في المستقبل و هكذا تتم الحركة التجارية بالأمس كان البيض اليوم الطماطم غدا الخبز أو الأرز على اعتبار أن المحاصيل الزراعية في بيشاور – باكستان تعرضت للتلف !!”
The following is the translation:
“The problem is in the culture of consumers who don’t understand the important cycle which any merchant depends on. Merchants cannot keep consumers at bay and will sell you his goods because at the end, there are different levels of losses and no one would want to lose completely. Everyone wants to sell and if the merchant loses a dinar today, he will win a good customer who will buy for KD2 in the future and this is how the commercial cycle continues. Yesterday, it was the rising cost of eggs and today, it is the tomatoes. Tomorrow it could be bread or rice, considering that agricultural produce in Peshawar – Pakistan – was destroyed in the floods.”

I have to wonder why the prices are rising so. On either produce, grains, or any food! I mean, people have to eat, right? What if the prices end up rising too high for people to afford? If they cannot eat, then disease and illness comes into the picture. It spreads. Many deaths occur. Innocent people can die! And for what? So the merchants can make more money? That is NO good reason!
I just hope it doesn’t get that far as to people start dying, or even getting some disease from lack of food.

Here are some pictures on the topic I blogged about…

Here are some links for Kuwait, and on the story itself…

My Favourite Country

Hey everyone! Welcome to my post about my favourite country. My favourite country is Kuwait. The way I even found out about the country is because my very best friend, Amon, and her brother, Waleed, live there.

The way I met them was through Mario Kart Wii. I had seen him on there, 10-yr-old Waleed, his Mii’s name being his Windows Live Messenger MSN. I added him, to check it out. That’s how I met his 15-yr-old sis’. She was on his account because he doesn’t come on much, so I was talking to her for a while. 

We became friends and hung out on a site I introduced her to: Weeworld. We talked a lot on there, then she gave me her MSN (Windows Live Messenger). We somehow became the best of friends, two very different yet very similar girls. She is the reason that I first came to love learning about her country. She is starting to teach me Arabic… But I’ve only managed to learn a simple greeting: Hala – Hello.

I’ve learned that it is a country right by the ocean. It is also north of Saudi Arabia. It is Apx. 9 hours north-west of U.A.E., where my teacher, Mr. Fisher, used to live with his wife & my Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Nogier. The main language there is Arabic. An estimate of the population is about 3,566,437. Their currency is Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD). I really like learning about countries that friends out of Canada live in.

Kuwait is an immensely beautiful country. The proof is shown in the following pictures. It is a country residing along the ocean edge. The lights are absolutely stunning at night! Their flag and Emblem will also be shown, 1st & 2nd, in the pictures.






So, I hope that you enjoyed this! Wow! I just noticed that this is one of ny shortest posts!!! Cool! So, anyway, if you have anything to add to my small amount of knowledge on Kuwait, then, please, leave a comment. Goodnight! (PS: I’d never seen Kuwait at night before tonight! ;) )

BYE!!! Juli M P is OUWT!! (<<say out, with that ‘w’ sound to the ‘u’)