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MMORPG’s vs. Reality?

Today, I’m here to talk about RPG‘s, immersion, and life. Some of you might be wondering how those all fit together. Others might have an idea. Others still might already have it figured out.
Since I’m most familiar with World of Warcraft as an RPG, most of the content and examples here today will be coming from WoW.

The following video is the first cinematic trailer for World of Warcraft.

This next video is the cinematic trailer for the most recent expansion of World of Warcraft; This is Mists of Pandaria.

Usually being able to immerse yourself in a game isn’t considered particularly great, am I right? Of course. There aren’t a lot of parents or teachers (or bosses o-o) who want their children delving into the worlds of RPG’s like WoW – killing monsters, battling people, and completing quests – while they could be studying, or learning about the real world.

Some people really get into the game, and sometimes they’ll begin to lose touch with reality. BUT, that immersion is what helps get the “full experience” of these games. Creativity and linguistic skills, two important things in life, are needed to truly experience it.
Immersion in MMORPG’s actually requires quite a bit of work, what with all the different things you need to pay attention to. The NPC’s, your HP, armor, other people, and your surroundings.
Some of us have always wondered what it would be like to have to work for survival. If we could pick up a sword and shield, bow, or acquire magical powers, and fight. To fight for our own life, and for the lives of our allies. To fight for our home. To protect our cities, and the loved ones who live there. Some of us haven’t had that chance, some of us never could.

A World of Warcraft PVP Arena, where you fight to defend your land as Alliance or Horde.

A World of Warcraft PVP Arena called Arathi Basin, where you fight to defend your land, as either Alliance or Horde.

The point is, we have the chance to learn new things. Languages, for example. Experience new places, or historical eras. Defend your race, or faction. We have the chance to meet new people. Make friends, and fight together. While playing MMORPG’s, you have the chance to do this.

There are thousands, even millions, of new people to meet. One of those is you. One of those is me. The rest, we’ve yet to find out.


Outdoor Photography Project

I’ve always been kind of interested in photography. I just liked taking pictures of different things, although my favorite things to take pictures of things in nature. Today I’m going to share some of those pictures with you. ^-^

This was taken sometime in the ending weeks of summer. I’d just happened to look outside and, of course, I just had to grab my camera and get a picture of it. I loved how the lake was still as glass, and how the trees and grass were so black against the lake & darkening sky.

I took this during an 8 hour road trip to Saskatoon with my mum. Our truck had actually been moving at the time I took this, but I like how it turned out anyway.  It’s not too often you see a lot of pictures like this taken in a place like Snow Lake.

I took this one around July-August. It was sometime in the early afternoon, I think. Early afternoon and in the evening are, I think, the best times to take pictures of the lake because the sun seems to be in just the right place. I always keep my camera on the table in case.

I loved this one. I thought the picture was kind of creepy. I took this after a huge storm that took place in Snow Lake a couple of months ago. A few people who’ve seen it thought it’d be perfect for a sort of horror story scene, like Slender man or something. I agree with them.

I’ll leave you with just a few pictures this time, but I can promise you there’ll be more. ^-^ Check back soon, especially if you like photography and taking pictures. This is all for now, though. If you know me, you know there’s going to be a lot more soon.

I’m also going to be starting a project, starting in January, taking one picture every month for 12 months. One year from this January, there will be quite a few pictures going up here. I can’t wait!

It’s October?

Welcome back! It’s a new year, and the students of the Idea Hive are getting back into their geeky ways. I know this past summer there was tech trouble with Idea Hive and sadly, Mr. Fisher couldn’t save it. Instead, he recreated Idea Hive. It took a lot of work, but it’s back, and so are we! xD

So some of you might be wondering who I am. Well, I’m Juli, an 8th grader at JHK, and I’m 14 years old. I live in the (extremely) tiny town of Snow Lake, MB. Since it’s such a tiny town (population less than 1000 :o…), we all need something to occupy ourselves, don’t we?

My entertainment just so happens to be Minecraft!

I love this game, maybe even a little too much (*cough* I’M NOT OBSESSED *cough*)…  There are so many different Mods out there for Minecraft, and my best friend Emily (her and I are probably two of the most random people you’ll meet, btw xD) and I found an awesome one called Hack/Mine (aka Hack Slash Mine). It’s really fun, and we’ve met a lot of cool people while playing it. When I think of Hack/Mine, I think of a sort of combination of Minecraft and World of Warcraft, because there’s so many different mobs, weapons, etc.  We play it a lot, and that’s what takes up a majority of our time outside of school. c:
In fact, we’re going to be starting a “Let’s Play” series for Hack/Mine on YouTube soon! xD I think it’s going to be really fun, and I hope anyone who watches them enjoy our extreme randomness as much as we do. c:
Speaking of video games, we also might do some Terraria and Happy Wheels “Let’s Play” soon too^.^

This is a dungeon room I encountered a while back, when I was still kind of a n00b to Hack/Mine Cx

But enough about video games. However amazing they are, they don’t (quite) run my life (close, though;D). I love playing basketball and soccer. Those are my two favorite sports, although I do play others. One sport I really dislike is volleyball, though. I don’t really know why, but I’ve never been a fan of it. I used to love floor hockey though. Uuuntil I got hit in the mouth with a hockey stick (extremely painful, btw. I don’t recommend it). I’m not really too eager to play anymore, although in gym and such, once I really get into the game, I’m all about it. Or at least until we finish the game. xD

I’m also a huge music fan. Yeah, I’m all about metal & rock \m/ It’s funny, because Emily pretty much loathes metal, while I absolutely love it. Both new metal and old, I love both. Metallica is my best friend. c: Along with Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Ledd Zeppelin, etc. Old rock and metal is my absolute FAVOURITE. There’s a lot of great new bands too, though (not including One Direction, sorry to the Directioners) xD A few of my favorite newer rock/metal bands are Demon Hunter, Mekanism, Chimaira, BFMV, Korn, Skillet, Rise Against, 3DG, etc.

This is where the Juli known as Dƺӎɸɴнμɴ†ƺʀʀ came from.

I don’t limit myself entirely to metal and rock though. I also listen to a bit of the mainstream sort of thing. A little Eminem here, the occasional P!nk there, maybe even a bit of LMFAO sometimes. The only thing I don’t listen to is country… Funny, because when I was younger I loved country.  I think what I listen to the most, though, would be video game parodies. WoW, Minecraft, CoD, Diablo, LoL, etc. You name it. I love Tobuscus’ parodies (especially the Literal Trailor ones), and CaptainSparklez & TryHardNinja’s parodies, along with L70ETC, Zharken16, Oxhorn, Nyhm, Silver Letoni, etc.  That’s pretty much all I listen to when I play Minecraft or WoW, or any game, and you all know how much I play games (for those who don’t, A LOT). ^-^

So yeah, I’m a huge music person, and a huge video game (mostly Minecraft, Terraria, and WoW) addict. C:
Well, I guess that’s all. You know a bit about me now. If you keep checking in with my blog, and the Idea Hive, you’ll learn more about my friends and I. :D

Bai, guise. Cx

I’m Back!

So, I’m guessing (and kind of hoping, lol) at least somebody noticed that I haven’t been posting anything for like, the past year. The reason, is because I’m not particularly the smartest person and forgot my password. The lucky thing is though, I got back in through my old email, which I was using for this account..! So I’m saved! I posted from the new account I’d made ( that I’d lost access, but I’m not sure how many people would have seen that.

Anyway, I’m back & I plan on posting more often than I used to. Music, video games, writing/books, etc. etc! Check back and/or show your friends, the more the merrier. :)


This year in Mr. Fisher’s class, the Gr. 7/8 are working with the Gr.7/8 students at Turnberry Central (sorry if I spelled that wrong!) again, and it’s a blast. We just finished the book Half Brother by Kenneth Oppel, and it was a great book! Personally, I still loved The Book Thief by Markus Zusak a lot, but Half Brother was a very good read as well. Check them out, they’re both very good books.

Right now, our class in Snow Lake & the kids in Wingham are re-writing a piece “What The Web Is For” by David Weinberger. This will be interesting, as it’s a rather old piece. We’re going to “new” it up. Re-write it so it suits the technology & possibilities there are through the internet. Obviously there has to be SOMETHING throughout 10 years! lol.

So… yeah. That’s what’s up! Come back soon to see anything new!! :D
Jewls out! ;D

A Single Silver Warrior

As some of you know, I’ve been writing book. I call it A Single Silver Warrior, and I don’t know how I came upon the title… I’ll give you a preview now…

I was running down some random alley in some random town. I could hear my heart pounding in my keen ears, from the exertion. They were chasing me.
As I ran, I heard some strangely familiar, irregular footsteps ahead. Then I saw it.
It had glowing red eyes, resembling those of a demon’s. It somehow donned a dark robe that floated – yes, floated – approximately a foot in mid – air. The reason I said “somehow”, is because… It… had no hands, no feet (no, not hidden by the robe or anything like that), no anything. Other than those eyes. But the most gruesome thing of all was that there was no face. The eyes basically rested in air. But something was very strange about the air. It seemed to be darker than normal air. It was kind of like… A shadow? Yes. A shadow. One that burned of hatred, fury, anger, sadness, depression, and… well, you get the point. There were SO many feelings, except they weren’t exactly feelings, as opposed to shades visible in the shadow, and not even one of them was good.
Since it had no face, it likely didn’t have any sort of mind, either – other than the thought it somehow had… But, somehow, had eyes.
Oh, those eyes. They were, somehow, so exotic, yet so evil and hostile. When their gaze was set upon me, they seemed to burn a hole right through my body.
And then it spoke to me. Or, rather, into my mind. My ears detected no voice other than the ones of the two – legged creatures far behind me.
“You can run from me no longer, Kyreoux of Zeiloux. You can not escape again. This time you will pay! With your life! With every claw, every inch of skin, every tuft of fur! Death awaits your arrival, you filthy mutt! COME!”
As it said that last word, my paws started to unwillingly move forward.
At that moment, I realised it. This… thing, I suppose we can just call it “It”… It had the power to create any illusion, any trick of the mind. It can make you see or hear whatever it wants you to. It can force you to go anywhere, whether it be run into a wall, or something more serious, like jump off of a cliff, to fall, without any consent whatsoever, even from Death himself / herself, directly to your death.
Those two – legged creatures were exactly that. Chasing me to It. That realization explains so very little, yet so very much of my current predicament.
What it doesn’t explain is how I got so far from my home, in The Lanorrah Valley.
But I can defeat this dark force.
I am a wolf.
And I am, and shall die as, a Silver Warrior.