A Single Silver Warrior

As some of you know, I’ve been writing book. I call it A Single Silver Warrior, and I don’t know how I came upon the title… I’ll give you a preview now…

I was running down some random alley in some random town. I could hear my heart pounding in my keen ears, from the exertion. They were chasing me.
As I ran, I heard some strangely familiar, irregular footsteps ahead. Then I saw it.
It had glowing red eyes, resembling those of a demon’s. It somehow donned a dark robe that floated – yes, floated – approximately a foot in mid – air. The reason I said “somehow”, is because… It… had no hands, no feet (no, not hidden by the robe or anything like that), no anything. Other than those eyes. But the most gruesome thing of all was that there was no face. The eyes basically rested in air. But something was very strange about the air. It seemed to be darker than normal air. It was kind of like… A shadow? Yes. A shadow. One that burned of hatred, fury, anger, sadness, depression, and… well, you get the point. There were SO many feelings, except they weren’t exactly feelings, as opposed to shades visible in the shadow, and not even one of them was good.
Since it had no face, it likely didn’t have any sort of mind, either – other than the thought it somehow had… But, somehow, had eyes.
Oh, those eyes. They were, somehow, so exotic, yet so evil and hostile. When their gaze was set upon me, they seemed to burn a hole right through my body.
And then it spoke to me. Or, rather, into my mind. My ears detected no voice other than the ones of the two – legged creatures far behind me.
“You can run from me no longer, Kyreoux of Zeiloux. You can not escape again. This time you will pay! With your life! With every claw, every inch of skin, every tuft of fur! Death awaits your arrival, you filthy mutt! COME!”
As it said that last word, my paws started to unwillingly move forward.
At that moment, I realised it. This… thing, I suppose we can just call it “It”… It had the power to create any illusion, any trick of the mind. It can make you see or hear whatever it wants you to. It can force you to go anywhere, whether it be run into a wall, or something more serious, like jump off of a cliff, to fall, without any consent whatsoever, even from Death himself / herself, directly to your death.
Those two – legged creatures were exactly that. Chasing me to It. That realization explains so very little, yet so very much of my current predicament.
What it doesn’t explain is how I got so far from my home, in The Lanorrah Valley.
But I can defeat this dark force.
I am a wolf.
And I am, and shall die as, a Silver Warrior.


About Arokei

I'm Juli, I'm a 15yo gamer who loves writing, music, and anime. c: If you wanna reach me, your best bet would be Skype (id: d3monhunt3rr).

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  1. Julianne! I love seeing you chasing your passion in this post! I am very happy that you’ve decided to keep working on this piece. The revisions you’ve done to this piece since the last time I saw it have made it quite dark. Is that the effect you were looking for? It’s very descriptive. Do you have the next steps of this book planned out?

  2. I love this line: shades visible in the shadow, and not even one of them was good. And your start makes me want to read more. Well done.

  3. Julianne, thanks for sharing this excerpt from your story. I think you did a very good job of getting me involved in the story. When I talk to my students about what makes a good story, I tell them that the authors always make you care in some way about the characters. You can love them or hate them, but you have to make people react emotionally to them. So far, I think you have done an excellent job making me want to learn more about your main character.

    Mr. C

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