Blogging Being Monitored By Kuwaiti Government… ?

Yes, it’s that time again. My weekly country blog post. Today, as it had been a couple of weeks ago, it is on Kuwait. I suppose I should gt on with it, eh? Anyway, this weeks topics are mainly blogging, cyber – activism, etc…

The name basically explains what I will be speaking, or, technically, typing about the blogs of Kuwaiti citizens being monitored. If you want to know about this, then, please, keep reading. If not, then I don’t believe you’re reading the right blog post, now are you?
Alas, if you are still reading, I assume you will keep reading, so I’ll get started…

News spread, obviously by the local newspaper, that the Kuwaiti government was planning to start to monitor blogs. And the bloggers were not happy about this. One quite popular blogger actually decided to confront the news – announcing that his blog was for sale.
Frankom, who’s been blogging since 2003, wrote a post of which the title was “This blog is for sale“:

صحيح اني لم أعد أتحدث بالسياسة لسبب بسيط وهو وجود مدونات أخرى أفضل بكثير مني ولها جمهورها وقادرة على ايصال الرسالة بطريقة أفضل وأعمق … الخبر المنشور على صفحات جريدة القبس (اضغط هنا) ليس بجديد على الاطلاق ! بل أن المراقبة موجودة منذ سنوات ولكن يحتاج الامر الى مجرد خبرين أو ثلاث حتى يتأقلم الشارع مع مثل هذه الاخبار !! ولكن مالهدف منها ؟ وكيف ستتم المراقبة وعلى أي أساس ؟

 الوضع من سيئ الى أسوأ !!

صباح الخير

And, in English, the following:

While it is true that I have not been blogging about politics because of a simple reason and that is the presence of other blogs which are much better than mine and which have an audience and are able to express their messages in a way better and deeper than I would, news published in (Kuwaiti Arabic daily) Al Qabas (that the government is studying a proposal to monitor blogs) is not new at all! The monitoring of blogs has been going on for many years but needed two or three articles in the newspaper for people on the street to get used to such a development. What is the use of monitoring blogs? And how will they be monitored and why? The situation is getting from bad to worse!!

Good morning.

This short post attracted 36 comments so far – which is quite a large number for Kuwait.

Is this right? I think people should get to blog in peace, and I don’t think that’ll happen if they’re being monitored, simply because people might be afraid that if they make a post that kind of doubles as a complaint at how they’re living, or any such thing, they may get in trouble. I don’t think that’s right.
What do you think? Drop a comment in and tell what you think… Start a conversation, share your ideas, etc! Ideas are mostly what keep us going!

And that is what I think. You? Come on, and start a conversation! :D


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  1. Holy cow long post! But really good one. I really liked how you gave alot of detail about the book and not just of the conflicts so people know what the book is about. I like your last paragraph how you said Liesel had the most to do with the book. And how you said if it was real life it would be horrible. Good job.

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