Kuwait News – Price Rise

I’ll bet you’re wondering what this post will be about… We, here in Snow Lake, are doing a bit of  research on different countries. We were to pick a country and do a blog post on one news story. I, for my country, picked Kuwait because I have two friends who live there. I love learning about Kuwait, and it is fascinating at how much two countries can be so much the same, and so different!

Tomatoes are now eight times more expensive in Kuwait than they had been just a month ago – and people aren’t taking the change in prices too well. They cannot find an explanation to why the cost of a box of tomatoes went from half a dinar ($1.70) to KD4 ($14.00) in just a number of days!

Here is a quote on the predicament:
Ein Bagzee inquired that the problem isn’t what to do about the hike in prices but instead how to deal with it:
ذن المشكلة في ثقافة المستهلك نفسه هو لا يعلم أنه العجلة المهمة التي يعتمد عليها أي تاجر فهو أي التاجر لا يستطيع أبعاد المشتري لو مهما كان” الثمن فسوف يبيع لك بضاعته في النهاية هناك درجات في الخسارة التجارية لا احد يرغب أن تصل خسارته ألي درجة تحت الصفر فالجميع يرغب أن يبيع إذا اليوم خسرت دينار واحد فأنا كسبت عميل جيد سوف يشتري مني بسعر دينارين في المستقبل و هكذا تتم الحركة التجارية بالأمس كان البيض اليوم الطماطم غدا الخبز أو الأرز على اعتبار أن المحاصيل الزراعية في بيشاور – باكستان تعرضت للتلف !!”
The following is the translation:
“The problem is in the culture of consumers who don’t understand the important cycle which any merchant depends on. Merchants cannot keep consumers at bay and will sell you his goods because at the end, there are different levels of losses and no one would want to lose completely. Everyone wants to sell and if the merchant loses a dinar today, he will win a good customer who will buy for KD2 in the future and this is how the commercial cycle continues. Yesterday, it was the rising cost of eggs and today, it is the tomatoes. Tomorrow it could be bread or rice, considering that agricultural produce in Peshawar – Pakistan – was destroyed in the floods.”

I have to wonder why the prices are rising so. On either produce, grains, or any food! I mean, people have to eat, right? What if the prices end up rising too high for people to afford? If they cannot eat, then disease and illness comes into the picture. It spreads. Many deaths occur. Innocent people can die! And for what? So the merchants can make more money? That is NO good reason!
I just hope it doesn’t get that far as to people start dying, or even getting some disease from lack of food.

Here are some pictures on the topic I blogged about…

Here are some links for Kuwait, and on the story itself…



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