The Book Thief

Hey, everyone! If you’re here, I presume that you wanna know something about the book, The Book Thief. Otherwise, you aren’t in the right place. All right, well I guess I’ll get into it. I will be telling you about, both, a few characters and a bit about what I think about Death being the author.

Here’s (duh duhduh duuuuh) The Book Thief!!

Liesel Meminger: Liesel, a 10 – year – old girl, got taken away from her mother and sent to foster parents, Hans & Rosa Hubermann. She had a brother, whose name is currently unknown, but he died in a train car because of a disease he got while packed in with who – knows – how – many other people. There were many others who died as well, though. Anyway, Liesel ended up getting to be friends with her foster-father, Hans. He was kind, whereas, Rosa was not even close. Simple as that. Liesel was known, at least in the book, as The Book Thief. She was the one that stole ‘The Grave Diggers Handbook.’

This is Liesel & Death.

Rudy Steiner: Rudy had bony legs, sharp teeth, beautiful blond hair (his father’s words), and  safe blue eyes (his father’s words). He was 10 – years – old, and 8 months older than Liesel. Rudy was in love with Liesel, or at least had a HUGE crush on her. He even tried to kiss her…  They were good friends, but Liesel didn’t seem like him back. Or at least not that way. If you’ve read the book, you’ve heard of the Jesse Owens Incident. Rudy had painted himself charcoal black and ran the 100 meter race at the local playing field one night.  His dad got really angry at him, but he was also thankful that Rudy had beautiful blond hair & safe blue eyes (see what I meant about ‘his father’s words’?)

What do I think about Death being the author? Well, I think it is strange. I, honestly, don’t really get it. Does it mean that Death is lurking around every corner, ready to snatch you up at every chance? Or does it mean that Death is just kind of stalking everyone? I really don’t know, and might not until the end of the book… I think it is kind of confusing, but not so much that I can’t understand the book. Thankfully. I really do think this is a very good book, although, I’ve noticed that it is purposely focused on the small things, not about the war or any of the bigger things, but I think that’s okay.

Well, I guess I’d better finish this up. Two of my friends, Heaven & Kelsey, are awaiting my company, so I’d better hurry so they don’t leave me behind. PS: Read this book! It is an amazing story, although we aren’t finished. ‘Bye!


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I'm Juli, I'm a 15yo gamer who loves writing, music, and anime. c: If you wanna reach me, your best bet would be Skype (id: d3monhunt3rr).

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  1. Julianne,
    While it’s very strange to have Death as a narrator, he’s certainly caught our attention (and yours). I don’t see him as a lurker or stalker; I think he’s just doing his job (which he doesn’t like all that much it seems). I’ve missed his humour this past little while in the book and look forward to hearing from him again soon. I love how he leaves little tidbits of foreshadowing – like today when he said Hans had a great idea using the book Mein Kampf.
    Glad you’re enjoying the book, even though it’s somewhat confusing!

  2. I really do think that Death is sometimes lurking around the corner watching us, but maybe that’s just me, because do you ever have that strange feeling that someone is staring at you? Well, I have that feeling when I’m typing on the computer, or when I’m watching down the street. For someone who is not reading the book, I think the reader should know why Hans is nice, and Rosa is not. Well I think that Markus Zusak made Death the narrator, because her brother died, and death is waiting for Liesel to die next. Awesome picture of Liesel, and Death. What you think’s going to happen next to Liesel, Rudy, Alex, Rosa, or Hans?

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