My Favourite Country

Hey everyone! Welcome to my post about my favourite country. My favourite country is Kuwait. The way I even found out about the country is because my very best friend, Amon, and her brother, Waleed, live there.

The way I met them was through Mario Kart Wii. I had seen him on there, 10-yr-old Waleed, his Mii’s name being his Windows Live Messenger MSN. I added him, to check it out. That’s how I met his 15-yr-old sis’. She was on his account because he doesn’t come on much, so I was talking to her for a while. 

We became friends and hung out on a site I introduced her to: Weeworld. We talked a lot on there, then she gave me her MSN (Windows Live Messenger). We somehow became the best of friends, two very different yet very similar girls. She is the reason that I first came to love learning about her country. She is starting to teach me Arabic… But I’ve only managed to learn a simple greeting: Hala – Hello.

I’ve learned that it is a country right by the ocean. It is also north of Saudi Arabia. It is Apx. 9 hours north-west of U.A.E., where my teacher, Mr. Fisher, used to live with his wife & my Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Nogier. The main language there is Arabic. An estimate of the population is about 3,566,437. Their currency is Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD). I really like learning about countries that friends out of Canada live in.

Kuwait is an immensely beautiful country. The proof is shown in the following pictures. It is a country residing along the ocean edge. The lights are absolutely stunning at night! Their flag and Emblem will also be shown, 1st & 2nd, in the pictures.






So, I hope that you enjoyed this! Wow! I just noticed that this is one of ny shortest posts!!! Cool! So, anyway, if you have anything to add to my small amount of knowledge on Kuwait, then, please, leave a comment. Goodnight! (PS: I’d never seen Kuwait at night before tonight! ;) )

BYE!!! Juli M P is OUWT!! (<<say out, with that ‘w’ sound to the ‘u’)


About Arokei

I'm Juli, I'm a 15yo gamer who loves writing, music, and anime. c: If you wanna reach me, your best bet would be Skype (id: d3monhunt3rr).

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  1. Heyyy I’m from the tiny little Kuwait !

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