Hitler Youth

I am writing about the  Hitler-Jugend (Hitler Youth, in English). Here is some of the info I found from when I was surfing around from when I was on Hive Thinking.

The Hitler Youth movement changed over time from one of many competing youth movements to a powerful state-sponsored youth movement. Hitler, right from the beginning, thought that a youth program was essential to the NAZI program. The Hitler Youth was guided by an early NAZI convert, Baldur Von Schirach. The Hitler Youth program had four different phases, the Predecessors (1923-1926), the Early Years (1926 – 1932) – when they had to compete with other youth groups, the Government Years (1933 – 1939) – when independent groups were suppressed and young Germans were indoctrinated in preparation for the War, and finally the War years (1940 – 1945) – when the Hitler Youth played a very important part, including the making of combat units.

The young men look to be standing in a sort of ready position.

I also found that the Swastika was a symbol that had started off as harmless, and yet it was banned from Germany (you’re not allowed to have the symbol on you, or your things) as a result of being used as a representative symbol in WWII. It is still today basically a reminder of what had occurred so long ago.

The Swastika – The symbol which the Hitler-Jugend got banned from Germany.
The motto that was used in the Hitler Youth was, in English, “Blood and Honor”, and in German, “Blut und Ehre”.

We spoke to a German lady, through a Skype call, that had a Grandfather & a Great-Grandfather who were both taken to a Concentration Camp. Unfortunately, her Great-Grandfather died in one of the camps, but her Grandfather lived. She told us with her Grandfathers words about what they had gone through. Even though she wasn’t born yet, I imagine that it still hurt to think about what happened.Even I feel the pain, though not as bad as she must feel it, not to mention her Grandfather.

Displayed here is one of the fences that were to keep Germans separated from Jewish:

So there you have it. That was most of what I’ve learned so far in my research on the Hitler – Jugend. I feel much sorrow towards the people who’d been required to be a part of this, whether as a witness, or as a participant. That, I hope, is the only time that there will be something like this in History. I hope that no one, and I mean no one, should ever have to go through that EVER again. Not as a punishment, not as some sort of sick game.


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  1. Hello, Nice post well done. My mother was in the Hitler Youth, I only found out this year from her 2 remaining sisters ( now in their late 80s ) and they say it was just like a guides group… and that my Mum , who was into everything from tap dancing to high diving, just joined because she loved the uniform.

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