All About Ecosystems And The Rest Of The Gang

Hey there everyone! This post is based on the stuff we’ve recently been working on in Science Class. I will explain about 10 basic words right now.

We have been learning about Ecosystems. An Ecosystem is any place that has living organisms, otherwise known as biotic, and non-living organisms, otherwise known as abiotic. There are many Ecosystems all over the place. For example, a rock can be an Ecosystem. OR your mouth is an Ecosystem. Bacteria counts as living, too, you know!

Another thing we’ve been learning about is Biotic creatures. The definition of biotic is ‘anything living; not abiotic’. You need biotic creatures to make an ecosystem. W/o biotic creatures, it is NOT an ecosystem. Some examples of biotic creatures are: Humans (mammal), Pickerel (fish), Anaconda (reptile), Eagle (bird), etc.

We’ve also been learning about Abiotic things. Abiotic organisms are anything dead, or something non-living. You also need abiotic things to make an ecosystem, otherwise, well, it’s just not an ecosystem. It’s a bit hard to explain, because with humans, there is always something abiotic, and biotic. An example of an abiotic being is a rock. Yes, I really did just use a rock as an example. Also, a steak is abiotic, I’m pretty sure. At one time is was a living cow, now it’s a yummy, medium-rare steak. Mmm, steak. :)

Ecological Succession is next. “What is Ecological Succession?” you may ask. Ecological Succession means a predictable change in the environment, like a forest fire. The forest will grow back eventually. That is a predictable change in the environment.

Photosynthesis is all about the plants. Plants produce oxygen so that we can breathe, and they basically absorb carbon dioxide. They are part of what keeps us humans, animals, etc, alive.  Examples are Tiger Lilly’s, Pine Trees, Pointsettas, etc.

Scavengers are animals or bacteria that feed off of dead creatures. They are also a carnivorous feeding behaviour in which a predator consumes the bodies of dead animals. Examples of scavengers are tigers, spiders, lions, etc.

Bioaccumulation refers to the accumulation of substances, such as pesticides, or other organic chemicals in an organism. Bioaccumulation occurs when an organism absorbs a toxic substance at a speed greater than the speed that it is lost.

Decomposers, along with scavengers, are what break down dead things. Scavengers break it all down, then decomposers finish the job. A lot of decomposers are microscopic, meaning that they are really small and can’t be seen w/o a microscope, although there are some, like fungi, that can be seen easily.  Some kinds of bacteria like to break down the meat, or the… ahem… droppings from carnivores.

Microorganisms are super-tiny one-celled organisms, viruses, fungi, and bacteria that are found everywhere in the world. They are found in all living things, plants and animal. There are more microorganisms on and inside your body than there are cells that make up your entire body. Microorganisms can live in the air, on land, and in fresh or salt water environments.

Biosphere is the global sum of all ecosystems. It is also known as the zone of life on Earth. The biosphere is thought to have evolved, beginning through a process of biogenesis or biopoesis, at least somewhere around 3.5 billion years ago! That, my friends, is a long time, if you ask me. Which, if your still reading, then technically, that means that you are. ;)

Well, goodbye for now everyone! I had a fun time writing this post, even though it was assigned for homework! ;) Just kidding, Mr. Fisher. I don’t care about the fact that it was a school assignment. Anyway, bye everyone! Come back soon to read my next post! :D


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  1. What kinds of issues do we have with ecosystems around Snow Lake? Living in a mining community, there are many things that can effect us? What do you think we need to be careful about? How do you think Lalor Lake will effect our ecosystem?

  2. I like you post but I didn’t know ecosystems were a gang. :D :)

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