What The Web is For

In the near of September, we did projects on a piece of writing called “What The Web is For”. We had to pick things that we use the web for, and do a project on those four things. What I picked, was: Facebook, Music, Blogging, and… Wait for it… VIDEO GAMES!!

My project consisted of four area’s, making up a triorama. The Facebook area had a laptop in it, with a screen with the Facebook page on it. I also put a message that I thought was pretty funny, in a close-up. It said “yep” about 500 times, so I wrote “To: Juli P.   Yep yep yep yep yep x500   From Jessica L.” Believe me, it was pretty funny on the screen. I put a little label that said how I like it. For Facebook it was Facebook Is Really Cool.

Music was my 3rd favourite to make. I wrote little musical notes randomly around the area. I also drew out a mini CD thing of 1 of my favourite bands, Skillet. I also put the front thing from my CD, RED, in it. It was between RED, Since October, and Manafest. I also put a Boom Box from an old… *face goes slightly red with embarrassment*… Bratz doll. Although it was from how many years ago. Not recently. I mean it. My label for music was Music Is My Life because it is. It is a big part of my life, just because it’s in my blood. It’s my passion.

Blogging is next, which is now, since, obviously, I’m typing about it. I made a laptop that looks very similar to my front page for my WordPress Blog. It even sort of has a similar background! I’d also shown people sharing thoughts by “connecting” their thoughts. I drew a branch from 1 thought bubble to the 2nd, although the thought bubbles consist of only 2 different words… 1 says Blah blah blah :),  other says Mmhmm, blah blah blah! :)

The best thing EVER is now to be presented. In this moment. Precisely now. For Video Games I made a 3D shaped Wii and Wii Remote (since you can play on Wi-Fi Connection on a lot of games, like Mario Kart Wii, Guitar Hero: World Tour, Tetris Party Deluxe – mind you, these are only a few of the WiFi games that I, myself own. There are many out there.) Anyway, I also put 1 tip. to get WiFi if you have a Wii. It really IS fun, though. Especially on Mario Kart Wii… I added 2 “portraits” of Yoshi and Luigi. I was very pleased with how the 1 for Luigi turned out, as well as with the Yoshi 1. Luigi looked spooked since that’s how he looks in HIS games, like Luigi Mansion. Yoshi looked dandy and cheerful, as usual. The label for Video Games was Video Games Are Awesome!

I put the most work, though tried to put a lot of work into them all, into the Video Games 1 because I really love Video Games. They are a big part of my life, even though, unless it’s a Wii, you just end up living a lazy life. They are SOOO fun!

I think that this project was good for us all, because, as a creative person, we got to let out our inner “imagination”. You could let your mind wander to think of ways the We is used for, while getting in a bit if an art class in, too. I hope we do more projects like this 1, because they are just SO FUN! Even when they are for homework, I enjoy them, and work hard to make them look AWESOME!!! XD

I guess I’m talking a lot, so bye everyone! Keep being creative!


About Arokei

I'm Juli, I'm a 15yo gamer who loves writing, music, and anime. c: If you wanna reach me, your best bet would be Skype (id: d3monhunt3rr).

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  1. Being creative is very important. I think you are a creative person. Being creative has also changed. I think we have a lot more ways to be creative than we used to have in the past. I am not very good at drawing, but now, using technology, I can be creative and share my creativity with others using sounds and music and writing instead. I can reach a much larger audience now than would have been possible for me in the past. What kinds of creative activities do you like to do? Are you a photographer? A maker of videos? A drawer? I would love to see some of your creations posted online and shared with others.

    • Well, I guess I am creative, and my thing would be Drawing, and Photography. I really love to draw animated pictures, like Yoshi, Kirby, Koopa Troopa, and Luigi. You know, Mario characters, though I don’t even draw Mario. Luigi is the BEST forever! Tell me, what is your favourite character? And, also, what is your creative hobby?

  2. JooliP98,
    I really liked how in your blog you put a lot of information about yourself. I really think I’m starting to get to know you better. Wow, you really like video games! Your video game crazy! I like to play Mario Kart too. But I don’t have a internet connection so I play it on my DS on multi-player. I used to play with Bratz too (cheeks turn slightly red) but now that’s my baby cousin Lily’s job. I saw that your favourite band is Skillet. The band sounded interesting. What is your favourite song by them? My favourite singer is Lily Allen. My favourite song by her is probably The Fear.


  3. Hello Juli I think it is really cool that you play videogames. But with a Wii compared to a ps3 or an xbox those are the systems I love to play. I have never really had a thing for the Wii I am not to sure. But back to art haha well I really like how you ut so many yups in the facebook word and facebook and video games are my life to. Well I really liked your blog post so I am excited to read your next one.

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